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Downtown Richmond: Where Economic Development Happens

Over the past two decades, Downtown Richmond has absorbed nearly half of the city's population growth, become the uncontested economic center of the city and has a remarkable concentration of the city's real estate and cultural assets. All of this combined with a strong housing maket, quality open spaces, and diversity scores show positive indicators for the unstoppable growth and bright future for downtown. Explore the International Downtown Association's 2020 Study and Profile of Richmond, Virginia here.

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Downtown Richmond Development

Downtown Richmond Development

Downtown Richmond's Transformation Highlights

Downtown RVA leads the way for Richmond's economic, workforce and housing and urban development

  • Downtown is the City of Richmond’s uncontested economic center with more than 50% of city-wide jobs located downtown for a total of 77,465 jobs.
  • Most impressive is the increase in residential units, soaring 71% since 2010.
  • From 2000 to 2018, downtown Richmond’s population has grown to 21,000 residents and three years later, we put estimates closer to 23,000+.
  • Downtown Richmond’s population increased 110% compared to 13% city-wide and 24% in the region.
  • Downtown Richmond absorbed 42% of the city’s population growth between 2000-2018. In 2021, that figure is probably closer to 50%
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Downtown Richmond Development

Downtown Richmond Development

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